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The 5 Most Hilarious Final Jeopardy! Answers

Last week, a young woman named Lily Chin went viral after finishing her two-night winning streak on Jeopardy!‘s College Championship by answering the final clue with, “Who is the spiciest memelord?” Chin’s question got us thinking: What are the four most other memorably Jeopardy! answers? Check out our picks—as well as video from Chin’s big moment—below.

“Who Is The Spiciest Memelord”

When Chin gave her answer, she’d already clenched the two-day competition. “It was probably the most checked math I’d ever done,” the MIT student said. “I didn’t want to give a joke answer and then end up losing.” As for the unique answer, Chin said she gave it as a joke to her friends back at school.

“Who is some guy in Normandy but I just won $75,000”

When providing the question for who said “The eyes of the world are upon you” in 1944 on the 2013 Jeopardy! Teen Tournament,17-year-old Leonard Cooper also decided to give a fantastic joke answer once he’d calculated that he’d clinched the win. “Who is some guy in Normandy but I just won $75,000,” he wrote in Final Jeopardy!, absolutely delighting host Alex Trebek.

“what is the love ballad of turd ferguson ps. hi mom :)”

In September 2015, contestant Talia Lavin was apparently stumped by the Final Jeopardy! clue “This song from a 1999 animated film about censorship had a word censored from its Oscar performance.” So she did what any reasonable person did and wrote “what is the love ballad of turd ferguson ps. hi mom :)” as her answer. The real answer, if you’re curious, was “Blame Canada” from South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

“What is I have no idea.”

Screenshot via Jeopardy!

Sometimes honesty is the best approach. Stumped by the clue “Harpo Marx was among this group when it met in NYC’s Rose Room for its final time, in 1943, and found there was nothing left to say,” John Krizel wrote “What is I have no idea.” Alas, there’s no bonus for being truthful.

“Who is This handsome gentleman?”

Do you know the answer to “In 1891, this European said, ‘Perhaps my factories will put an end to war sooner than your congresses.’”? In June 2014, contestant Ari Voukydis didn’t either, so he wrote, “Who is This handsome gentleman?” We believe that answer alone should have secured him the victory.


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