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5 Of The Rudest Things You Can Do On An Airplane

Airplanes are cramped spaces, making it very easy for you to annoy others. Here’s what you can do to prevent bad behavior.

Traveling on an airplane is never fun. Long hours spent in airports followed by boarding a giant cold machine with dozens of other people and flying for extended periods of time never sounds like a great time, but it can be made a thousand times worse by rude passengers who don’t follow the unspoken rules of etiquette.

The Huffington Post spoke with different etiquette experts who said that having good manners is the best thing you can do in these kinds of cramped environments. “When you’re trapped in a small space, you have to have extra good manners. I can’t get off and move away from you on an airplane the way I can in a subway car,” said one of the experts.

Here are 5 basic things you should avoid during air travel.

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Smelly food

If you want to bring a snack or a meal in the plane, stick to simple things like bagged pretzels and sandwiches. It’s very rude to bring smelly foods onto a plane when you know that the smells will quickly spread and bother everyone in your vicinity.

Invade people’s personal space

Since everyone inside the plane is cramped already, it’s important to put your belongings and limbs where they’re supposed to. Don’t take up other people’s armrest space and, if you’re in the middle, be mindful of how much space your arms occupy. Also, watch your hair!

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Steal overhead bin space

Airlines are becoming more and more restrictive with their luggage guidelines, charging people for extra bags and reducing overhead space. Be mindful of your bags and be sure to occupy only the space that you paid for, meaning one bag in the overhead bin and one that fits under the seat in front of you. Not enough room for you? It’s called a “checked bag”.  Look into it.


Take off your shoes

Long flights make it easy for you to forget about the fact that feet are smelly, specially in a plane where every smell is maximized. If you need to take off your shoes, make sure to wear socks and that they’re clean.


Use the plane as your personal spa

For some reason, it’s very likely to see people in planes doing gross things. Flossing, filing and cutting nails, and touching your feet is never acceptable. Even if you do it in the bathroom, it’s kind of rude considering that there’s two lavatories for a lot of passengers.



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