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Meme Of The Week: Kylie Jenner Sings And Social Media Makes Memes

This week’s meme is all about Kylie Jenner singing. It’s a viral clip that’s already been viewed over 14 billion times.

Singing can be embarrassing, especially if you’re trying really hard to be good at it. This is what happened to Kylie Jenner when she was giving a tour of her cosmetics office and chose to wake up her daughter Stormi by singing in the most dramatic way possible.

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The brief clip of Kylie singing has been seen over 14 billion times for no reason other than the fact that it’s kind of ridiculous and the internet loves to troll the Kardashians.

Fortunately, Jenner has been a good sport and has provided us with some memes of her own, including a short clip of Stormi rocking out to a remix version of “Rise and Shine.”

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daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍

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Here are some of our favorite responses from all over Twitter:

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