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5 Things To Know About The Royal Nanny

As we wait with bated breath for the arrival of baby Sussex, there is one woman who has been overlooked when it comes to the growing royal brood. And that’s the royal nanny.

Did you know there’s an entire college dedicated to training royal nannies? A training which takes at least three years? Not only that, but these nannies are subject to strict background checks by the U.K. Disclosure and Barring Service, which are updated every three years. There are so many things these nannies must be savvy about, and knowing how to care for future kings and queens is just the beginning.

Nanny Maria takes care of Princess Charlotte and Princes George and Louis, but her duties are no different than any other royal nanny before her. Reader’s Digest has a laundry list of royal nanny secrets. Here are 5 particular noteworthy ones:

They have a sixth sense about paparazzi

It’s not that the royal nanny doesn’t realize she and her kiddos will be photographed by the media, it’s just that the royal nanny is a pro at pretending she doesn’t care. In addition, according to Reader’s Digest, “she’ll have to be constantly cognizant of photographers trying to snap photos of the royal children, particularly when the royal children might not be behaving as royal children ‘should be’ behaving.”

Continued education is non-stop

Norland college, which is basically the Wharton of nanny colleges, strongly advise their students to spend 15 hours a year continuing their education once they graduate to “ensure they are keeping up to date with the latest best practices of child care and early years research.”

Her opinions are important

Not long ago, royal nannies were able to share their views and opinions on raising children, but today, they have a much larger role in raising the kids besides offering up some professional advice. So much so that, according to Reader’s Digest, Norland’s training includes “how to advise parents and to navigate the politics of advising parents about how to properly care for their children.”

The title of ‘royal nanny’ is very prestigious

Unlike America, the work of the royal nanny tends to be highly valued and respected in England. The job of a nanny — royal or English trained in general — is considered prestigious.

Spanking is not allowed

Of course, no royal nanny is allowed to inflict corporal punishment — Norland straight up prohibits it. So when George is being a little jerk, a stern-talking to is recommended.

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