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7 Daily Habits That Can Help You Become More Successful

Being a successful and organized human sounds wonderful on paper but in practice is a much more complicated concept to define. While there are days when you feel like you can do anything (go to the gym, have three productive meetings and finish all your work before 6 p.m.) there are others that are more much challenging.

Although there is no instant path to success, there are daily habits you can adopt and absorb over time, helping you be more efficient and productive on all aspects of your life. compiled a list of daily habits from successful people of all professions; check out some of our favorites.

Work out first thing in the morning

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Exercising is good for you and can help you get motivated for the rest of your day. Going to the gym or doing whatever it is you do for exercise forces you to wake up earlier and get a rush of endorphins before you go to work.

Clean your inbox over the weekend

Checking and replying emails consumes a lot of time that can be used to do other things. By checking your email over the weekend and preparing your replies for Monday, you’ll save up time and reply to coworkers and friends with a better and fresher perspective.

Try to learn something when you first wake up

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Reading the news can be exhausting, but it can also become a learning experience. As you read and go through your favorite news outlets, try to look into the terms and topics that you’re not acquainted with. “There is something very energizing to me about starting the day with this mindset of curiosity–of learning something completely new or broadening my perspective on an issue or concept,” says Jonathan Cherki, founder and CEO of ContentSquare.

Read a chapter of a book or an article once a day

Reading provides tons of benefits, helping you become a better writer, speaker, and obtaining a better understanding of the world.

Use to-do lists

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To-do lists are a great way of keeping yourself organized and maintaining your goals accounted for. These lists make tasks seem less daunting and also allow you to organize and shuffle around your priorities depending on how pressing each task is.

Create weekly goals

Make realistic lists every Sunday about the goals you want to get through each week. “The 30 minutes this takes on a Sunday helps me manage my time and hit the ground running on Monday,” says Dave Evans, founder and CEO of Fictiv.

Keep a detailed calendar

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Calendars allow you to keep track of your engagements and they can also be kept for posterity, giving you a 360 view of your month or year. This habit can help you visualize your accomplishments and progress while also helping you stay on top of your responsibilities.


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