Friday, May 17, 2024

Apple Scraps Fingerprint ID On Upcoming iPhones

Recent reports from Mac analysts suggest that Apple may get rid of the Touch ID feature in their new batch of phones, choosing to stick with Face ID since that’s the security measure that most users are excited about.

On September 12, Apple will finally unveil their upcoming iPhones. The three predicted smartphones are rumored to be iterations of the iPhone X, all with different capabilities and prices, running on Apple’s latest software and featuring apps that were previously exclusive to the company’s most expensive phone. 9to5Mac reports that Apple has decided to scrap Touch ID and that all of their devices will rely 0n Facial ID as their main security measure. So if you’re paranoid and believe that the NSA is spying on you through your camera, you’re screwed.

While no one knows the reasoning behind this decision, Mac analysts claim OLED screens (the ones used on the iPhone X) have sensors that are very limited and that would only enable Touch ID on specific areas of the screen. Having Touch ID and Face ID could also seem redundant for Apple, since users will choose one security measure over the other, and everything suggests that people will be interested in the latest technology that’s mostly proven to be very safe and reliable.

This removal of fingerprint ID may seem like something small, but it could become another major difference between iPhone and Android devices. While Samsung is working on improving their version of Facial ID, no one has mastered the technology as much as Apple has, incorporating it into Memojis and other features that run exclusively on the iPhone.

Android has other security features like Android pattern that are very famous among users, but Face ID is still the most discussed security measure out of all smartphones. We’d be surprised if that were to change anytime soon.


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