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Are Your Period Cramps Killing You? Meet Livia, An ‘Off-Switch’ For The Pain

All women are familiar with the dread that comes when that time of the month is near. You know what we’re talking about. There are different degrees of period cramps and pain, but even if your period is super chill and not that impairing, it still sucks.

With Livia, you can get rid of all those pills and heating pads because this device acts as an “off-switch” for period pains and cramps, providing instant and drug-free relief. This magic happens due to Livia’s ability to stimulate nerves making the pain go away before you can even feel it, all in a natural and safe way. Livia is easy to use and it consists of two small sticky pads and a device that’s in charge of emitting the necessary vibrations for your pain to stop. Livia’s methodology is based on the “gate control theory” and it works by attaching the sticky pads to the area of your body that’s in pain and creating a pulse that’ll keep your nerves occupied and unable to process and transmit the pain stimulus to your brain.

Livia’s effects last as long as you’re wearing it and, unlike pills, your body won’t develop a tolerance. The device’s battery lasts about 15 hours and is rechargeable, small and discreet, which means that you can carry it around everywhere and use it on the go.

Livia is a startup so if you think that this project is worth your money you can back them on their indiegogo page. If you’re still unconvinced, you can watch their video below which explains things further.


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