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OMGhirardelli! Krispy Kreme Just Unveiled Two Limited Edition ‘Luxury’ Chocolate Doughnuts

Not to be outdone by their St. Patrick’s Day stunt, Krispy Kreme is keeping the momentum going by dropping two new doughnuts in partnership with chocolate giant, Ghiradelli: Mint Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel.

Now, you don’t have to chose between fried dough and candy for breakfast. You can have both!

Both doughnuts are inspired by Ghiradelli’s popular chocolate squares. The Sea Salt Caramel doughnut is filled with salted caramel filling, dipped in chocolate icing, drizzled with both the chocolate and caramel icings, and topped with a blend of amber sugar, salt sprinkle, and Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips.

The Mint Chocolate doughnut is  filled with “White Mint Kreme™” filling, dipped in chocolate icing, decorated with green icing (the true sign of mint) and topped with Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips dusted in powdered sugar. The icing on both doughnuts is made with Ghiradelli.

The bummer news about these two new flavors is that they’re available for a limited time only.

In other parts of the world, lucky Krispy Kremers are treated to candy bar flavors like Kit Kat:

Hershey’s Cookies & Cream:

Choc Top:

And the elusive Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup:

Makes the new Ghiradelli flavors a less bit exciting, eh?

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