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Benefits Of Surrounding Yourself In Nature

If you live in a city, making time to surround yourself in nature might not be one of your daily priorities; it’s not always easy to find a city that offers the chance to take a walk in a park (with real living trees) that’s also conveniently located. But new studies suggest that we should at least try to find a way to absorb nature every day. What to improve your improve the wellness of your physical and mental health. Here are some benefits of surround yourself in nature.

Mental health boost

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A study from the U.K. tracked subjects over long periods of time and discovered that those who moved to greener areas demonstrated improvements in their mental health. This boost was long lasting, appearing three years after the subjects’ initial move.

Boost to your immune system

Another in-depth analysis found that nature improves our heart rates, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sleeping habits, and more. Breathing in fresh air (filled with phytoncides) also make us stronger and helps us ward off diseases.

Improves your short term attention

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A study from 2016 found that even photos of nature can provide benefits for us, improving our attention functioning. The research showed photos to college aged adults and adults of the 64 to 79 year old group. All participants who saw the images demonstrated an improvement in memory and short term attention.

It can boost your productivity

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According to one study, subjects were separated into two groups and were asked to take two sets of cognitive tests, with a break in between. For their break, the first group had to then take a stroll through the woods and the second group had to walk down a busy street. Unsurprisingly, the first group performed much better than the first group on their second round of tests.

Nature has always had a relaxing effect on people, recharging our batteries more than if we were in a crowded room or stuck in traffic. Keep this in mind the next time you want to relax or find some inspiration; your best option might just be to spend some time at your nearest park. Hopefully these benefits of surrounding yourself in nature will be helpful.


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