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Breakfast Of Champions: 10 Ways To Make Your Pizza Taste Better The Next Day

Pizza doesn’t need much to taste good. Enough toppings to give it some flavor, a great crust, and a pliable thickness is all it really takes to create a pie that’s tasty enough to save for leftovers. And while pizza does taste pretty great straight from the fridge and into one’s mouth, there’s a case to be made for reconfiguring it to make it just as attractive as when you first brought it home. Here are 11 ways to make pizza great again.

1. Stick It In A Waffle Iron

Take pizza slice. Fold pizza slice. Stick pizza slice in waffle iron. Eat pizza waffle. Serious Eats has a great recipe. And the first two minutes of this Foodbeast video is some good pizza porn.


2. Make A Pizza Frittata

The perfect recipe for when you have only a couple of slices left. Just sautee some spinach, garlic and any veggies (frozen are best) you’d like to add, then add some chopped up pieces of pie, add some eggs (enough to cover the mixture), and some cheese. Bake the whole thing. has the recipe.

3. Reheat on The Stove Top

Non-stick pan, skillet, whatever you got! Reheating a slice “slow and low” is perhaps the most superior way to warm up pizza.

4. Make A Breakfast Casserole

AllRecipes to the rescue! Cut some leftover slices into squares, place them in a baking dish, and top them with a mixture of eggs, cheese, onion, butter, garlic, oregano, and salt. Sprinkle with some Parm and red pepper flakes and bake.

5. Reheat In A Pan Face Down

Plop your pizza slice face-down on medium-high heat (if using a cast-iron pan, add a little oil) for about five minutes before flipping and cooking on the other side for a couple of minutes.

6. Microwave With A Glass Of Water

If microwaving your pizza, place a cup of water alongside your slice to create the same steaming effect as cooking your pizza on the stove. Zap for about 45 seconds and enjoy some leftover pie that looks as good as the day you met.

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7. Make Pizza Bread Pudding

All you need is 2 slices of leftover pizza, an egg, milk and cheese. The recipe is from those who know pizza well: college students.

8. Two Words: Pizza Croutons

They’re super simple to make and all you need is two slices. The end result is like mini grilled cheese sandwiches. Rachael Ray has a recipe that comes with roasted tomato soup.

9. Put An Egg On It

When you figure out your method of reheating, poach or fry an egg and place it atop your slice for an impressive looking brunch.

10. Make Some Pizza Cheese Sticks

Grab that leftover pizza, reheat it, cut into cheese stick length chunks, place on a pan, cookie sheet or even in loaf pans, add cheese (mozzarella is a good choice), add some slices of pepperoni (optional), cook at 400-degrees for about 8-10 minutes or until everything is gooey. Eat. This is almost like eating a plate of poutine.

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