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5 Random Facts About Chipotle You Should Know

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Chipotle is an American fast food chain founded in Colorado, 1993. Since then, it’s grown and expanded incredibly opening different establishments in Germany, France, Canada and the UK. Even though they’ve faced their hardships (salmonella, anyone?), they’re still the undisputed kings of the burrito business.

Here are 5 random facts on Chipotle that we’re sure you’d never heard of:

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The Style

You could say Chipotle looks industrial and cool, like they tried hard to look like they weren’t trying too hard, but in reality they didn’t have much money when they first opened. The decorations look cheap because they kind of are. Luckily, the company that’s now worth around 15 billion dollars doesn’t have to waste any money in fancier decorations because everyone kind of likes their hipster looks.

The Food

Founder Steve Ells never intended to become the king of burritos. With a degree from the Culinary Institute of America, Ells was planning on using Chipotle as a stepping stone or a way of making some money so that he could then invest on the fancy and gourmet restaurant he’d been studying his whole life for. To his great surprise, Chipotle became a huge success and he decided to stick with it, warts and all. 

It’s Relationship To Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz, yeah the two-time Grammy award winner, has an avocado farm where he grows around 30,000 avocados a year. One of his largest buyers is Chipotle, who uses around 10,000 avocados a day to make their beloved guacamole.

The Burrito Coin

This is a big secret but supposedly there’s a special burrito coin awarded to super faithful customers that’s been going around since 1999. Its look has been redesigned a few times, but you can get one on Ebay. Sadly, the coin is only valid for one burrito, so you might as well just keep it as a souvenir.

Chipotle Pizza

The company announced their partnership with a growing pizza place called Pizzeria Locale, on Colorado. At the moment, the pizza place has no plans of expanding but maybe soon you’ll be able to buy some pizza at your nearest Chipotle. We have no idea, but that sounds great.




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