Tuesday, March 21, 2023

5 Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Ready You For Warm Weather

April signals the beginning of spring, which also means that you can finally leave your house without wearing 26 layers of clothing.

Spring is the best, striking the perfect balance between hot and cold weather, and allowing you reboot the year. Even though it’s kind of just starting, but whatever, winter is hard okay? This time of the year is great for you to do an in depth cleaning of your house and to get reacquainted with your priorities, and it can be overwhelming if you’re not organized.

The Chicago Tribune compiled a list of hacks that’ll help you make the most out of Spring cleaning. Check out 5 of our favorites:

Make A Checklist


Making checklists is a good way to go through life and remember your duties, you know? They make things easier for everyone and they can also make you feel less overwhelmed, like things are under your control. This list will help you make sure that you have all the cleaning tools you need, and that you don’t forget about the little details.


Set the most important places of your house at the top of the list, including your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, but don’t forget about the laundry room or your closets. These areas will take up less of your time but you’ll still have to clean them at some point.

When cleaning, be sure to throw away and recycle all items that you’re not using. It’s hard not to be a hoarder, but your house will thank you for it later.

Buy The Right Tools

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You can’t clean your house if you don’t have the proper tools. Items like magic erasers and micro fiber cloths may not be laying around your house, but they’ll make the whole cleaning process a lot less painful and simple. Pumice stones are also a good option if you’re cleaning rust and hard-water stains.

Be Aware Of Which Surface You’re Cleaning

Be sure to use the right product for the surface you’re cleaning to avoid damaging your floors or counter tops. Be careful of using steam mops on wooden floors and avoid using magic erasers on walls, because it could take the paint off. Read the product bottle!

Don’t Stress

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Cleaning can be stressful, but if you’re organized and have all the right tools then there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re working out your body too much by cleaning, then that means you are using the wrong product. Try using multi-cleaners, and let them sit for a while so they can do their thing.



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