Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Chinese Police Can Now Scan People’s Faces With Special Sunglasses

While we’re all paranoid about being spied on, going as far as covering up our computer cameras and distrusting social media ads, China is taking their “security” measures to the next level, arming their police officers with special glasses that can tell them all about you in seconds.

According to Reuters, these glasses were first seen in action around a month ago, when the police captured seven travelers that were using fake papers during a test at Zhengzou station. Now, the glasses are being used on the outsides of Beijing, to check car registration plates and passengers.

Paper Magazine claims these AI surveillance glasses are capable of snapping photos of people’s faces and cross checking them with the police’s database; revealing the person’s name, gender, age and ethnicity in one tenth of a second.

The main concern in all of this extreme surveillance is not the prevention of crimes but the monitoring of people that the government of China disagrees with, such as human rights activists, journalists and political dissidents of the country. This technology puts them all in danger, facilitating negative consequences over no criminal activity.

These smart glasses also give police officers the ability to do background check son any person that they think is “suspicious.” Let’s all hope that these glasses don’t become more important, and that the technology isn’t adopted by other countries.


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