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Don’t Cook, 5 Things To Bring For Thanksgiving

One of the great roles of Thanksgiving is the guest! If you don’t cook or have time to create an insta-worthy creation to be share and documented for future generations, being a non-culinary guest is a treat.  But you want to do it right and bring something which pleases the host and can be used appropriate.  Don’t cook, 5 things to bring for Thanksgiving which will should be a hit!

Leftover containers

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Leftover containers are lifesavers on Thanksgiving parties, giving everyone the chance to take some food home after you’re all done hanging out.  Disposable leftover containers can be purchased everywhere and in large amounts and might not be the prettiest, but are definitely the most useful contribution you can provide.


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Flowers are always a great present for hosts, especially on Thanksgiving. This holiday encourages togetherness and positivity and flowers are the best embodiment of this message, never taking up much space and being malleable enough so hosts have some freedom with what they do with them.


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Wine is the official Thanksgiving alcoholic drink, making this the safest item on this list. Unless no one drinks – you can have a field day with this choice.  Champagne is a great choice for pre-meal and post meal or a fun after dinner beverage like port or limoncello.  Also digestifs are alcoholic beverages served after a meal to help settle the stomach and commence the digestion process. These beverages tend to be stronger in alcohol than apéritifs and are usually consumed neat


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Thanksgiving dessert is a classic, much easier to transport than savory foods and providing an option to guests who want to have something sweet after all the food they had. There are dozens of Thanksgiving desserts that can be made from scratch or bought from a bakery.


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You might think candles are boring and they might be, at least a little bit, but there’s tons of options for the fall season that smell amazing and make homes feel cozy. Candles are a great present for homeowners, something that’ll last for a while and that they’ll love to have around their place.


Celebrating The Espresso Martini

Despite a few Grinches, the holiday sales confirm marijuana is mainstream which is good news all the way around.


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