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Ground Control To Major Tom: Buzz Aldrin Treated By Dr. David Bowie

Buzz Aldrin, that guy who was the second man to walk the moon, was evacuated from a trip on the South Pole due to altitude sickness. He arrived to New Zealand in stable condition, where he was treated by a Dr. David Bowie.


The awesome coincidence was reported by many, including Christina Korp, Aldrin’s manager, who posted several tweets with images and comments.

Aside from having been one of the greatest performers on earth, David Bowie – the singer, not the doctor – was also an incredible proponent of space, naming his alter ego Ziggy Stardust and calling out to the stars and the space men in many of his songs. He was a little bit of a visionary as well, releasing his album Space Oddity, a few days before Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

His death on January 10th was a heavy blow that set the tone for an uneven and some might say rough 2016. Bowie inspired and was beloved by many, proven by this awesome tribute video made by Astronaut Chris Hadfield.


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