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Drake Releases ‘Please Forgive Me,’ A Short Film With An ‘Indecent Proposal’ Vibe

Drake released his short film Please Forgive Me last night, exclusively on Apple Music. You can watch it here. Drake has teased the project for a little over a month now, and we must admit, it doesn’t disappoint.

The 20-minute short stars Drake, hatching a plan to steal $1 million from a Johannesburg crime lord. Surprisingly, things go wrong. It loosely follows the plot of Indecent Proposal, but with buxom women and patois.

The video prominently features 26-year-old Belgian model/actress/singer Fanny Neguesha as Drake’s love interest, and singer Popcaan as his sidekick. Drake shared a short trailer for the movie, using the tagline “A film inspired by the album VIEWS.” As expected, it serves as music video for songs like “One Dance,” “Controlla,” “Summer’s Over Interlude,” and more. Producer Noah “40” Shebib also scored the soundtrack to the movie.

Director Anthony Mandler depicts an underworld of sex, violence, and bloodshed. Mandler previously collaborated with Drake on music videos for “Over,” “Find Your Love,” and “Miss Me” from Thank Me Later.

Please Forgive Me is only the second video Drake has released from his 2016 album VIEWS, which recently became the first album to reach over 1 billion streams on Apple Music. Please Forgive Me and previous Drake effort “Child’s Play, ” both Apple Music exclusives, show off some serious gloss and money in the production department and continue Drake’s visual aesthetic of lo-fi vibes and moody atmospheres.

But Please Forgive Me leans much closer to a previous Drake video: “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Both present Drake as an action movie star, rolling around, shooting things up. Though his acting remains high-quality, Drake doesn’t exactly make a convincing heavy, while flashing a gun and beating up baddies. He’s the sensitive crooner who confesses his love publicly, like to Rihanna on the VMA’s stage. In other words, in real life, he rarely appears intimidating, nor does he seem comfortable as violence swirls around him. He’s no Jason Bourne.

But does that matter? Not really, because guess who still wins in the end? Aubrey Graham. His star’s just too bright to fail. Even when fictional mob bosses and the media and other rappers try to defeat him, Drake stays on top. Don’t believe me? Just ask Meek Mill.

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