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Continued Flooding In Texas Could Let 350 Gators Loose

Hurricane Harvey has flooded Gator Country, a rescue facility and amusement park located in Beaumont, Texas that houses more than 350 alligators.

Gator Country measures close to the size of 11 football fields and is located near interstate 1o, with their waters accumulated to a never seen before height, within 1 foot of the total height of the fences that surround the alligator’s outdoor enclosements. Thankfully (sort of?) some of the reptiles, like venomous snakes, crocodiles, and the largest alligators have been moved to other safe places to avoid the risk of them escaping from the park.

This large reptile preserve contains animals that have been rescued from different places and situations, providing care and shelter for them. These animals include those that were stranded and lost due to storms and natural disasters, and others that simply showed up in people’s pools and homes. Yikes.

Currently, Gary Saurage – the owner of the park – and his team have stopped rescuing animals and are now more concerned with keeping the gators and others in captivity safe within the bounds of the enclosure.

All of them seem to be right there.”

Said Saurage. You don’t sound so sure there. The people of Texas don’t need the added stressor of large groups of alligators roaming their streets right now.



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