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Fresh Playlist: Big Sean ‘Bounces Back’ And Japandroids Return

With new music flying like warp-speed through the various channels of the Internet, it can be hard to keep up. But worry not! Each week The Fresh Toast will deliver the most-discussed and exciting songs that have recently dropped. Landed. Crashed. And also: soared. Enjoy.

Big Sean—“No More Interviews” and “Bounce Back”

Big Sean always has the distinct sound of someone with something to prove. He’s perpetually slighted, either because of his spot in hip hop or an ex or numerous other reasons. This underdog tone produces various results: sometimes he acts a little extra like on 2011’s syrupy-but-satisfying Finally Famous and sometimes it results in him rapping his ass off like 2015’s stellar Dark Sky Paradise.

He released two songs this week with a similar bent: “No More Interviews” and “Bounce Back.” The first is an airing-out of dirty laundry and resulted in some serious social buzz for Big Sean. With shots at Kid Cudi and ex Naya Rivera, it was sort of inevitable. But it’s a pretty dull song. Sean raps monotone, which sounds like a put-on effect to convey how *over* he is talking about this. We get it, Sean—you’re bored. So are we.

“Bounce Back” is much more preferable. Metro Boomin delivers that bounce on production. Sean really extends that “Bounce Back” metaphor farther than it probably should go, but this time his imaginative wit works in his favor. Hopefully he realizes the difference here: The reason a record like “IDFWU” went triple platinum (other than Kanye’s producing), is because Sean places the listener in that relatable position. You’re pissed at an ex and got something to say. His high-school gossiping just aren’t that interesting. (By the way, I feel similar about Drake’s “Two Birds, One Stone.” Surface-level rap beefs have been stale. But yeah, Aubrey still pulls wins with records like “Fake Love” and 21 Savage-featuring “Sneakin’.”)

Future ft. Drake—“Used to This”

Do either of these two ever slow down? As flat as their 2015 collaboration What A Time To Be Alive was in its entirety, that record still produced some smash hits. They deserve some credit for that. It almost makes you forgive the rest of the mediocrity of that project.

“Used to This” sees Future and Drake rapping from the top of rap’s peak. It sounds like what they attempted embodying on WATTBA. This will probably be a big radio record. But two big notes: This music video needs to calm down with the lens flares. Second, why does Drake blink so much when he serious-raps? Watch when he stops singing in the video. He blinks like a hundred million times in five seconds. Why Aubrey?

Japandroids—“Near To The Wild Heart of Life”

Five years is a long time, but that will be the time span between Japandroids’ Celebration Rock and their third record Near To The Wild Heart of Life. They released the eponymous single this week and it’s a thankful return to form. It’s big time arena-rock and absolutely bangs. It also gives a rehashing of the band’s origins. We’re glad the Japandroids didn’t wait any longer to deliver.

Bruno Mars—“Versace On The Floor”

Ballad Bruno Mars isn’t as cool as hit-single Bruno Mars, but is no less a success. Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic record is really shaping up to be some old-school pop nostalgia intertwining with modern pop accessories. Here Bruno dips into the pools of singer-songwriters like Billy Joel and Elton John and doesn’t let their influence outstrip what makes Bruno exciting.

Kevin Abstract—“Miserable America”

This dude is really one of the most exciting new voices in music. His version of pop rap or rap pop or whatever genre-busting thing you want to call his records probably doesn’t go far enough. When describing the new hip-hop generation, the biggest quality they all possess in adding melody to their raps. The cue is obvious—hi, Kid Cudi and Drake—but none really produce bolder sonic varieties and narratives than what Abstract’s doing currently. His debut album American Boyfriend comes out Nov. 18. We’re really anticipating this one.

Gucci Mane ft. Quavo—“Floor Seats”

This record could be considered incredible solely because of its artwork. Quavo kills nearly every hook he’s on. And it’s Guwop. You either love this song before you heard it or not. We’re firmly in the former camp.


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