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Here’s How You Can Learn A New Language By Watching Netflix

It’s a known fact among bilinguals that watching movies and listening to music in other languages expands brains and brings people closer to understanding new words. Now, with the accessibility that technology provides, there’s never been a better time to learn a new language. There’s all sorts of learning apps available for download, and then there’s Netflix, an app that allows you to watch hundreds of shows in all sorts of languages.

While exposing your ear to different languages helps, in order to learn a new language from scratch you need some sort of guidance and a translator. Language Learning With Netflix is a free Chrome extension that allows you to select the language you want to learn and have its subtitles appear onscreen. These subtitles are accompanied by a translation in a language you understand.

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The extension has several features that are also useful, allowing users to pick a level (beginner or intermediate) that will provide simpler or more complex vocabulary.  If you hover over a word, the extension acts as a dictionary, allowing you to see its different definitions. You can also adapt the speed of the subtitles, allowing you to slow down the program for better understanding. It won’t make for the best viewing experience, but it beats Duolingo in terms of fun.

Although this tool isn’t the most apt to binge the new season of your favorite Netflix show, it’s a good idea for when you want to re-watch old favorites or want to watch a crappy movie and feel like you’re not completely wasting your time.

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