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Maury Povich Once ‘Inhaled’ A Marijuana Strain Called ‘Connie Chung’

“What do you think, I’m gonna pull a Bill Clinton and say I never inhaled?” So said Maury Povich when asked recently if he had ever smoked weed. In other words, Povich isn’t playing coy about any past marijuana usage, as we’ve seen from other notable celebrities as of late. (That goes for Sen. Kamala Harris).

“Now it’s so legal, it’s like nothing,” Povich said during an appearance on Sirius XM’s “Sway in the Morning”.

Povich, one of the most popular daytime television hosts in America, isn’t a cannabis connoisseur by any means. But he did share a tale of traveling to Washington so he could smoke a marijuana strain named after his wife, veteran journalist Connie Chung.

The couple first learned of the strain from a friend, none other than comedian Lewis Black. According to Povich, Black was working on a story in Washington as cannabis was becoming legal in the state and, at some point, came across the “Connie Chung” in his findings.

“Lewis called up my wife and said, ‘Connie, do you know that there is a strain of grass called the Connie Chung?’” Povich said. “So you know, we had to try that.”

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The couple actually addressed the Connie Chung strain once before, during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”. The strain is “very soothing and tastes like burning campfire, wood, and spice,” Cohen discovered. According to Leafly, “This [hybrid] has proven to be a heavy hitter and guarantees to lower your eyelids substantially.”

Chung was tickled by the strain, too, and gave Cohen a sample to try.

“I’m very easy to grow, I require less attention and care, and I give good yield,” Chung said. “I’m perfect for daytime use when facing deadlines, need to be alert and imaginative.”


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