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Here’s The Only Hangover Cure That Actually Works

It’s become commonplace to pop some aspirin and dive into a greasy breakfast the day after we drink a little too much, but there might not be anything we can do to cure a raging hangover other than patiently riding one out.

INSIDER spoke to a registered dietitian nutritionist who debunked common cures, like eating burgers and omelettes and other fat-laden foods the morning after.

Malina Linkas of the Wholitarian Lifestyle says eating greasy foods can actually make your hangover worse. She tells INSIDER that eating fatty foods can irritate your stomach further, but if you want to go ahead and grease it up before night of drinking, go for it.

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She recommends reaching for starches, like toast or crackers after drinking too much, as to not upset the stomach, which aspirin can also do, by the way. It’s also really tough on the liver, as is alcohol. And your major organs don’t need a one-two punch.

Don’t take acetaminophen to treat a hangover. In some people, it can lead to liver damage, and the potential risks outweigh the benefits.

She also says that the “hair of the dog” approach may ease your hangover symptoms temporarily, but they will likely return with a vengeance. What you want to do is hydrate yourself.

Other useless remedies include vitamins, supplements and activated charcoal.

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So what is the cure for a hangover? Time.

The body will break down the alcohol in eight to 24 hours, depending on how fast your body can metabolize it.

Outside of avoiding alcohol or limiting your intake altogether (both of which are unlikely), a more realistic approach is to drink lots of water and eat a full meal before you imbibe. That way, you can do it all again the next night. We see you.


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