Saturday, July 13, 2024

Is This New Wine Accessory The Cure For Hangovers?

Back in 2015, a guy by the name of David Meadows introduced wine drinkers to a “wand” that filters histamines and sulfites from wine, citing those two ingredients as the impetus for potential “unfavorable reactions” or hangovers in some people, including himself.

Meadows, the CEO and co-founder of PureWine says his company did some research and found that up to 75 percent of adult consumers may experience headaches, flushed skin or nasal congestion after drinking wine.

Now, PureWine is taking the filter thing one step further. Te company has developed a plastic, disposable spout that will launch sometime this month.According to, “It fits in the bottle like a cork and filters wine before it’s poured into a glass. The filtration process takes about 10 seconds from when the wine is poured to when it hits the glass.”

Like most “too good to be true” products, there are naysayers. Matthew Feldman, a private-practice allergist at the Dallas Allergy and Asthma Center, is suspect of the filters, stating not enough research has been done to validate PureWine’s claims that their products prevent wine allergies by selectively targeting histamines and sulfites,

But Meadows says his company uses the word allergy to get their message across, when in reality, his product is intended to help people who may have an intolerance or sensitivity to wine.

If you don’t want to wait for the spouts to hit shelves, the wands are sold on Amazon, Total Wine, and various other boutique shops (a pack of three wands retails for $9.99).


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