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Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions Secretly A Keebler Elf?

Do yourself a favor. Open the popular social media network known as Twitter. You can access it on your laptop or mobile phone. Doesn’t matter. Search for the @KeeblerElves account. While on the surface it seems this won’t deliver any payoff, like anything worthwhile in this life, you must look underneath the surface.

Because every time the @KeeblerElves account posts about, well, anything, their replies are flooded with users making the same joke. If you’re any level of pro-cannabis, this joke will make you laugh.

Welcome to the meme that Jeff Sessions is secretly a Keebler Elf.

The meme had its origins this summer when Sessions was under heavy scrutiny, as he was investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. His face appearing frequently on TV and digital screens, people noticed the uncanny resemblance. Wherever your political allegiances lie, you can’t deny the similarities.

All I’m saying: Have you seen Jeff Sessions and the Keebler Elf in the same room? Me neither.

Then Late Night host Stephen Colbert cemented the meme on his show. When Sessions spoke to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a known anti-LGBT group, it was done behind closed doors. To imagine what Sessions said, Colbert held up a E.L. Fudgie cookie in the shape of a Keebler Elf and did his best Jeff Sessions impersonation.

So every time Jeff Sessions threatens the cannabis industry and fear strikes your heart, just remember that he looks like a Keebler Elf. It might not change much, but at least you’ll have yourself a laugh.


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