Sunday, May 26, 2024

Why Is Maisie Williams Posting Bloody Tributes To ‘Game of Thrones’?

As the rabid anticipation builds for the long-awaited final season of “Game of Thrones”, so too does the rabid speculation. Whenever an actor or anyone associated with the “Thrones” universe hints at how their story might end, reverberations echo across social media, dissecting “What it all means?” like an angsty middle school boy experiencing his first genuine emotion.

Which brings us to Maisie Williams’ cryptic Instagram post. Williams plays the iconic princess-turned-assassin Arya Stark on the show, and she recently wrapped her final shoot as Arya. Typically, we see actors and actresses post on social media to commemorate the end of a shoot, especially with franchise properties like “GoT”; a simple “thank you” to the cast and crew or a reflection on what the character meant to their life and career.

Williams did something similar, albeit with a strange twist. To bid farewell to Arya and her “GoT” family, Williams posted a pair of bloody sneakers. We assume it’s fake blood—it’s fake blood, right?—but it’s brow-raising that Williams would choose such a stark image for her good-bye message.

Are there spoilers here? Should we interpret this to symbolize Arya’s bloody conclusion? Or do the shoes she chose—Nike Air-Force 1s—represent the show’s dragons (because dragons are obviously the Air Force of Westeros) and their eventual demise?

Unfortunately, we wont know what any of this means—if anything—until “Game of Thrones” returns in 2019. Until then, let your imagination run wild with the bloody possibilities.


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