Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Meme Of The Week: By Age 35 You Should…

MarketWatch really screwed things up for themselves when they published an article claiming that by age 35, you should have double your salary sitting pretty in a savings account. Of course, with a changing world that’s progressively growing more and more expensive, that advice wasn’t well received. Saving money in today’s world isn’t as easy as they make it sound. If it were, millennials would just do it.

The meme is very simple. Keep the first part of the phrase and switch out the “have twice your salary saved” with something outrageous or hilarious that sometimes ends up being more plausible than saving large amounts of money.

The Washington Post reports that this article joins a long list of moments that belittle millennials and their experiences, such as the time when a millionaire claimed that young people couldn’t afford a home because of their obsession with avocado toast. The truth is that older millennials who are in their 30s lived through the recession and also have college debts, which are crippling and last for most of their lives. There’s also the fact that expenses are increasing every year while salaries remain unchanged.

So, for future financial advice, it might be best to comment on these issues and to offer actual help instead of being critical and listing out the million things that millennials are ruining for the world. But whatever. Let’s just laugh with some memes:

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