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Meme Of The Week: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Breaks Ribs And The Internet Freaks Out

Following the announcement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent hospitalization, the internet has become a crazy...

10 Instagram Accounts To Boost Your Mental Health

Often times, this type of platform has the exact opposite effect, making us feel subpar in a world where everyone seems to lead better lives than us

Twitter Users Outraged After Company Announces It’ll Delete The ‘Like’ Button

Initially called the "favorite" button, the feature was represented as a little star, and it was used as a placeholder for tweets you wanted to remember or links that you thought were worth your time.

Meme Of The Week: The Things People Do When They Have ‘1 Alcoholic Bev’

The "1 alcoholic bev" meme borrows from the "distance" meme, but uses alcohol as a measure of distance instead of a ruler.

How To Keep Yourself From Stalking Your Ex’s Social Media Profiles

Social media is very addictive and it's easy for it to become an unhealthy habit, especially when you're going through something sad and emotional like a break-up.

Meme Of The Week: Comparing Two Photos That Have The Same Energy

Sometimes there are photos that, despite having different components, colors, and subject matter, look remarkably similar.

Twitter Will Now Publicly Shame Users Until They Take Down Offensive Tweets

The new feature is Twitter's first attempt at giving offenders some measure of consequences...and will roll out on the app and website in the coming weeks.

The Complicated Relationship Marijuana Has With Social Media

For now, the cannabis industry’s operators and influencers remain at the mercy of these platforms’ discrimination.

Australian US Embassy Apologizes After Accidentally Sending Out Cat Picture

The real question is, what are employees doing in the U.S. Embassy of Canberra?

The Internet Reacts To Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande’s Breakup

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Grandiana for short, had the sort of romance that made everyone annoyed and sort of jealous.