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Why Do So Many People Fall For Fake Profiles Online?

Phony profiles for nonexistent people worm their way into the social networks of real people, where they can spread their falsehoods.

Meet Qai Qai, The Instagram Famous Doll of Serena Williams’ Daughter

@RealQaiQai has more than 23 thousand social media followers and belongs to Olimpia Ohanian, who is Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's daughter.

Meme Of The Week: Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad

While the company has earned a lot of money and followers, the announcement and the subsequent ad made the internet really angry, to the point that some users were setting their Nikes on fire.

Meme Of The Week: Twitter Comes Up With Stupid Celebrity Names

You may think you know a celebrity, but you might not even know their real name. This feels particularly sucky when their name has become an identifier, having a sort of life of its own, like Brad Pitt (that's not his real name).

Instagram Is Developing An App Just For Shopping

It's one of the easiest apps to navigate, which is why it makes a lot of sense for them to get involved with e-commerce.

Instagram Influencer Under Fire For Posting Fake ‘Perfect Morning’ Photo

Scarlett London found out that blatantly deceiving your followers is probably not a good idea when she posted a pic of her enjoying a morning of pancakes and tea in bed.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Google Search Results About You

Don't like what you see when you Google your name? There's some steps you can take to help manage your online reputation.

Meme Of The Week: Popular Netflix Movie Creates Wordiest Meme Ever

The "To All The Boys" meme has taken over Twitter with sweet, funny, sad and sometimes very thoughtful confessions from users who consider this an opportunity to get creative and make a good joke.

Rotten Tomatoes Is Overhauling Its Rating System

On Tuesday the company announced that they were making changes to address criticisms of including diverse, nontraditional voices.

YouTube Ads Will Soon Be Much Harder To Skip

Non-skippable ads are going to become YouTube's default.