Meme Of The Week: World Cup Edition

The biggest sporting event of the world lends itself to a lot of memes.

Meme Of The Week: World Cup Edition
Illustration by Jennifer Ilett

The World Cup is a source of confusion for most Americans. While tons of people are tuned in to the biggest sporting event in the world, Americans are just puzzled, knowing that something important is going on, but just aren’t all that invested. They know that there’s a ball, and that things are going well for Ronaldo. They also know that things are looking pretty bad for Messi, and that’s about it.

While soccer fever has not caught on in America, it has caught on on the Internet, where people have been arguing about their favorite teams and obviously making memes. The World Cup is a place of infinite amusement, be that due to hilarious and memeable managers, the acting chops of some of the players, and the hard work of Ronaldo. Check out some of the best memes that have come out of the event:

One of the biggest upsets in World Cup history happened last week, when Mexico beat Germany 1- 0. Germany is  the previous World Cup champion, and they’ve been in top shape since soccer was invented. For some reason Chihuahas represent Mexico? I don’t know. The meme is still cute.

Argentina surprised the world by playing really bad, even though they arguably posses the best player in the history of the sport.

Acting is one of the most important skills a soccer player can have.

Senegal’s coach achieved Internet fame due to his awesome looks and the most perfect reaction.

Ronaldo is having a great World Cup, even though he’s practically doing all the work for Portugal.

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