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Meme Of The Week: ‘The Most Successful People I’ve Ever Met’

Success is a hard thing to measure. The term usually brings up images of inventors or billionaires who run amazing businesses and have conquered all of their dreams; at least, to the eyes of the world. Success is something that everyone aspires to have, and for that reason there are millions of self help books that try to get people to that point, claiming that these are the definitive traits that all successful people have.

Then there’s social media, where, for some strange reason, people love to give out advice on how to be great and achieve your dreams and glory, no matter your credentials.

This tweet from Twitter user Pomp – let’s try to avoid commenting on the handle – has become a big meme, because his advice on being successful is kind of dumb but mostly hilarious.

Pomp claims that successful people “have laser focus,” and “constantly work to improve,” which might be true, but is also incredible vague and not helpful. The post has produced over 6,000 retweets and 1,000 comments. Most of these are memes.

While some users took the route of proving why this advice is wrong by starting a fight, others decided to be more fun, taking the first part of the tweet and adding random things such as the lyrics to a song or parts of a movie that prove that success is mostly random. Also, that this is the Internet and nothing should be taken this seriously. Check out some of the best reactions:


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