Saturday, May 25, 2024

NBA Exploring Medical Marijuana For Players, Worried About ‘Crazed Attorney General’

When it comes to marijuana use, it’s not a matter of pain relief, but Jeff Sessions that worries the head of the NBA Players Association.

In the words of Michele Roberts, “we have to protect our players from—my words—a crazed attorney general who says he will prosecute violations of the law involving marijuana and he doesn’t care what individual states say.”

In a recent interview with SB Nation, she opened up about the NBA’s stance on marijuana and the internal conversations they’ve been having regarding player usage.

Last year, former NBA commissioner David Stern admitted to Al Harrington, a former player who owns his own marijuana company, that marijuana “probably should be removed from the banned list” in the NBA and clinically studied by hospitals.

“As you might imagine,” Roberts said, “I got some phone calls and we began discussions internally with our players and to some extent with the league to at least look at it.”

But Roberts also talked about how the league wants a collection of information on its medical value before moving forward.

Via SB Nation:

Everyone claims to have done their own independent study. What we want to do is agree on some experts that can sit down and talk to us. My own view is that there are substantial signs that support its efficacy and the value that it has for us, especially pain management. We’re in talks with the league to see where we can go with it.

The obvious future is that marijuana will be decriminalized probably throughout the country in short order. Don’t forget our current attorney general [Jeff Sessions], who has taken a very different approach to his tolerance for this. That makes it a little more difficult.

So, like everyone else, even NBA athletes are experiencing the obstacle that is Jeff Sessions. NBA players, they’re just like us!


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