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7 Smartphone Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Our cellphones are one of our most important belongings, and something we take everywhere. Through your phone, you can access all sorts of maps, accounts, information, social media, and communications. No wonder we guard them with our lives.

The following tips, compiled by Cosmopolitan, are necessary for everyone in 2018.

Here are 7 of our favorites:

Hide Your Cash & Cards In Between Your Phone And Case

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This is a great tip for when you’re going to a concert, you don’t feel like carrying a purse, or you’re going some place where you’ll be on the move. As long as you don’t stuff too much…stuff…between your phone case and your actual phone, you’ll be fine. Plus, you’ll have easy access to your most important documents.

When It’s Raining, Put Your Phone In A Ziploc Bag

The bag will protect your phone from the dust, rain and all sorts of outside influences, while also allowing you to interact with the touchscreen.

When Traveling, Screenshot Directions And Turn Off The Internet

Google maps is probably the most battery consuming app on the planet, which is really annoying because it’s one of the most necessary and useful ones. To remember where you’re supposed to go, screenshot Google maps’ written directions and turn off internet access so you’re battery will last for as long as necessary.

Switch On Airplane Mode For A Faster Charge

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Airplane mode helps your phone consume less battery, so it’s perfect for when you need to charge your phone fast and efficiently.

For Selfies, Use The Volume Button As A Shutter

For better reach and access, use your phone’s volume button to take pictures.

Use Your Earbuds’ Volume Buttons To Take Photos

Yep! Your earbuds can snap pics. A total game changer, no?

Download The Find My Friends App

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When you’re in concerts or packed places, download this app with your friends, helping you find each other if you guys get separated. Everyone who downloads the app shows up on the app’s map, which is definitely creepy but also useful.

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