Netflix Will Release Movies In Theaters Before Adding Them To Their Lineup

This is a big deal for them

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Netflix’s method of releasing all their content at once and all throughout the world has proven to be extremely successful, at least in terms of the company’s growth and recognition. The company is currently producing an insane amount of critically acclaimed TV, something that has put them in close competition with major players like HBO.

When it comes to films, Netflix has faced some trappings and conflicts, mainly because they’re not able to blend in as easily as they did with television. Despite the fact that Netflix has worked with critically acclaimed filmmakers in the past, these movies have been sort of omitted from film festivals and awards shows. The product becomes eclipsed by the company itself that doesn’t really advocate for the moviegoing experience. And among film aficionados, that’s a capital crime.

Variety reports that Netflix is finally giving three of their films alone time in theaters. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and Bird Box will both have a one week run in select theaters before they appear on Netflix. Roma, Netflix’s biggest Oscar bet and one of the year’s most buzzed about films, will screen in theaters for three weeks starting November 21.

While Netflix says that these measures are done in order to serve their members and filmmakers, we all know that what they really want is to avoid rocking the boat. The Oscars don’t have a rule that prevents movies from being offered in theaters and on streaming services simultaneously, but by becoming invisible and more like other film studios, Netflix is betting that they’ll win something.

Maybe if Netflix stays quiet long enough, their movies will walk away with gold, with academy members only realizing this as they’re handing out statuettes.

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