You Don’t Say: Netflix May Lose Hella Subscribers If It Starts Showing Ads

Don't do it Netflix.

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Photo by Flickr user Matthew Keys

The term “binge-watching” would not exist if it wasn’t for Netflix. The streaming service gives users the opportunity to watch hours and hours of content without pause. That’s why when Netflix announced that it was considering “experimenting” with commercials, alarms went off in homes around the world.

The results of a new study were shocking, with 23 percent of Netflix users claiming that they would unsubscribe to the streaming service immediately if ads were to become a part of the deal. Other results showed that 41 percent of subscribers would “definitely probably” keep their subscriptions, while 37 percent of users remained “undecided.”

The study made sure to account for the opinions of Netflix’s target audience, surveying over a thousand people between the ages of 16 and 72. Their opinions are clear and confirm something we already know: people hate ads.

According to Paste Magazine, the likeliest outcome out of Netflix’s experimentation with commercials will be the creation of two different subscription services. A cheaper subscription that comes with ads, and a premium version which will remain as-is. Prices might fluctuate, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Netflix would take such a big risk and shake up a business model that has proven to be so successful.

While users love Netflix and turn an occasional blind eye to their sometimes crappy content, subscribers are not known for their loyalty. Netflix has more competition now than ever, with Hulu and Amazon providing tons of quality content of their own. If ads were to be added unannounced, their business might crash and the internet will certainly explode.

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