Friday, July 12, 2024

Nike Debuts Smart Sneakers For Better Workouts

It’s the year of smart everything. First there was the smart bra, and now there are smart sneakers. Although they’re not the first of their kind, the Adapt BB are the most famous pair since they were developed by Nike. It’s not outrageous to assume that within a month, everyone could own a pair.

The New York Post reports that these shoes will be in stores in February. And sorry ladies. For now, they’re only available for men. That’s because according to a Nike spokesperson, the minds behind the design of the smart sneakers haven’t found a way to translate this technology to smaller feet.

These sneakers are made for athletes, specifically basketball players, adjusting the tightness of the “laces” depending on the foot. They’re controlled through your phone and are capable of adapting to your foot if it swells mid-workout.

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One of the most curious aspects of these shoes is the fact that they don’t do anything that a smart workout app prioritizes. They don’t track your workout progress, count your steps or monitor your heart rate. You’re supposed to charge these shoes on a mat once every two weeks just so you can skip over the step of tying your own shoelaces. They might be the most American invention ever.

Although all great tech developments were seen as unnecessary until they became a part of our everyday lives, it’s hard to believe that snug electrical shoes will change the way in which other shoes are made. But anything is possible, and at least the shoes are cute. The Verge reports that they’re safe and that they feel like a “toy claw machine, but the claw is flipped upside down,” and also like a robot that’s hugging you. That sounds promising.


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