Friday, August 12, 2022

You’ll Definitely Want These 5 Cool Tech Items From CES 2019

The Consumers Electronics Show is one of the largest platforms for developers and those who work with consumer technology. The annual convention features interesting and useful tech items that could also end up making an important imprint in the tech industry.

This year’s convention in Las Vegas showed off an impressive amount of products that tech lovers will be excited to get their hands on. From smart shoes to cameras that follow you around, here are five of CES’s weirdest and most interesting items.

Smart shoes


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French company E-Vone is developing smart shoes that notifies the user whenever they’re about to fall. It sounds like a pretty dumb invention, but people nowadays want smart everything. E-Vone shoes are available via an annual subscription of $400 a year or $35 a month. Once enrolled, the company provides you with an extra pair of shoes every year.

Super smart cameras


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Companies like Pivo are developing new cameras that track their subjects and that don’t need someone to operate the device; a good option for people who need innovation and competent cameras, like many YouTubers and bloggers.

Smart suitcase

Nothing smarter than developing smart luggage.  Ovis Suitcase is a company that builds bags designed to follow you around at six miles per hour, no matter if you’re on the street or at the airport. These suitcases, which activate just by holding them, assist when your hands are busy or when you simply don’t want to have to think about your carry-on bag.

Air bags for motorcyclists


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Helite is designing air bags for motorcyclists and equestrians, preventing injuries from happening. These air bags are included in vests that are meant to inflate when the driver or rider is in danger, and are not meant to be activated when there’s a jump or the bike goes over a speed bump.

Earpiece translator

WT2 Translator is an earpiece that connects to your smartphone, allowing you to communicate through your preferred language and then having the device translate and play your message through your phone’s mic. The earpiece is currently priced at $219 and it’ll be sold through Amazon.


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