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Police Shut Down 3K Person Game Of Hide And Seek At Ikea

The plan was to visit IKEA and play the most epic hide and seek game ever. But police stepped in and foiled the fun before it ever began.

IKEA is one of the most memorable places in the world, and also one of the most confusing. No matter the size or the location you visit, it’s likely that at some point you’ll get lost and have to retrace your steps.

What’s a better place to play hide and seek than in a gigantic Swedish store?

Yahoo reports that people from Glasgow, Scotland organized a Facebook event where more than 3,000 people signed-on to participate. The plan was to visit IKEA and play the most epic hide and seek game ever. Having caught wind of these plans, the store contacted the police, who sent five police officers to stand guard throughout the day.

“People are stopping everyone who looks like they are here for a game of hide and seek,” an IKEA visitor told The Scotsman.

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For obvious reasons, IKEA can’t host massive games of hide and seek.

“The safety of our customers and co-workers is always our highest priority. We were aware of an unofficial Hide and Seek Facebook event being organized to take place at our store today and have been working with the local police for support.

 While we appreciate playing games in one of our stores may be appealing to some, we do not allow this kind of activity to take place to ensure we are offering a safe environment and relaxed shopping experience for our customers,” said Rob Cooper, IKEA’s Glasgow store manager.

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IKEA appears to have a long history with hide and seek. While initially, the store didn’t outright ban these games, events throughout Europe began to attract massive crowds. Nineteen-thousand people signed up to play in Amsterdam and 12,000 in Utrecht. In 2015, hide and seek was officially banned in IKEA locations across Europe.

Will this fad ever reach America? We’re waiting.

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