Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Sweden And Marijuana

The home of Abba, IKEA and Volvos seems chill right? But you might be surprised to learn about Sweden and marijuana.

Police Shut Down 3K Person Game Of Hide And Seek At Ikea

The plan was to visit IKEA and play the most epic hide and seek game ever. But police stepped in and foiled the fun before it ever began.

Three Times In Everyday Life When Being High Would Have Made It Better

Being an adult means you can get high, which can make those pesky responsibilities less awful. Jury Duty? Piece of cake! Wait, is there cake?

Ikea’s New Lifestyle Collection Includes A Very-IKEA Skateboard

Inspired by "youth culture" (is that even a thing?), SPÄNST, on all caps, is designed by Chris Stamp and Maja Ganszyniec, and it includes all sorts of objects, such as basketball hoops and skateboards.

Assembling IKEA Furniture Just Got A Lot Easier

Everyone's favorite waste of time on weekends is rolling out on-demand furniture assembly. TaskRabbit, an app that matches customers to handymen, was purchased by IKEA last September and was tested in two of the company's California stores.

WATCH: IKEA Wants Women To Pee On Their New Ad And Here’s Why

IKEA has opened the flood gates with its newest DIY accessory. Instead of assembling a piece of furniture, the store is asking pregnant women to pee on their newest ad.

Amazing: Watch People Assemble Ikea Furniture On Psychedelics

For everyone who isn’t a masochist, assembling Ikea furniture is hell. But what if you assembled that cabinet set while insanely high on psychedelics?

Untapped: 9 Places We Wish Served Alcohol, But Don’t (Yet)

Four more restaurants at Disney World will begin serving wine and beer December 23. Here are 9 other places we wished served alcohol.
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