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Here’s A Real-Life Death Star Laser To Make Life Scarier Than Usual

Scientists are developing a super-powered laser that’ll give the Galactic Empire a run for it’s money. Even though a real life Death Star sounds super scary and dystopian, super powered lasers are not limited exclusively to science fiction; they’re a thing that researchers from all over the world have explored in the past.

A group of Australian scientists have combined the results of previous studies and have discovered a material that could bring this long gestating process to completion: diamonds. An ultra pure diamond crystal has high thermal properties that allows it to avoid overheating, a problem that obviously arises when you try to combine the power of a bunch of lasers. This diamond is also capable of merging the strengths of the different lasers and getting them to add up to an even more powerful super laser. This power transfusion happens thanks to Raman scattering, which is when particles are dispersed and excited thus achieving a higher level of energy.

The development of this technology is ongoing, and according to researchers it’s an advancement that the modern world demands. Increasing security threats are pressuring scientists to come up with a viable protective solution. These lasers could be capable of stopping drone and missile attacks.

This technological development could offer some cool benefits that aren’t limited to warfare, like getting rid of dangerous space junk that orbits near the Earth, the propulsion of vehicles (light speed!!!) and beaming power to remote locations. May the force be with all of us.

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