Thursday, June 13, 2024

Stop Judging Moms For Using Marijuana

Moms make the world go round, plain and simple. The duty and responsibility they bear is greater than any job requirement found in a 9-to-5 gig. It’s no wonder why the image of mom having a glass of wine on the couch after a long day to wind down is so prevalent in our culture. Yet, it looks different when it is weed, so stop judging moms for using marijuana.

But why does everyone react so differently when moms replace that wine glass with cannabis? According to a new poll published by Miss Grass, a cannabis-focused publication for women, 21% of moms say they have completely replaced alcohol usage with marijuana. In addition, 38% of moms admit they prefer cannabis over alcohol at least some of the time.

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This isn’t astonishing data, by any means. We’ve already documented the trend of how weed moms are becoming the new wine moms while other data suggests that microdosing mamas have emerged as new key consumers in the industry. These narratives might be celebrated within the industry, but not as much outside of it.

According to the same Miss Grass poll, 68% of moms confess they’ve experienced discrimination for their cannabis use. As one mom said, “I see so many photos of parents with a child in one hand and a drink in the other even. It’s not okay but it happens. If a parent, especially a mother were to even admit to smoking cannabis, they’d be reported for child abuse. It’s a complete shame; the stigma and judgement people pass.”

This is why 20% of moms hide their cannabis use from friends and 36% don’t tell their parents or family members. The potential backlash they might receive just isn’t worth any admission. Which is an abject shame, right? Moms shouldn’t be discriminated against for having a couple puffs of a vaporizer at night or rubbing THC-infused lotions on their feet after being up all day.

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“A mother who’s in good mental, physical, emotional form is a better mom, and for a lot of people, cannabis is a really critical tool in helping them achieve wellbeing,” one woman responded in the survey. “A lot of them are approaching it as medicine, as they would any over-the-counter medication.”

How does this not strike people as a legitimately healthy response mechanism to stress, pain, and the other troubles life tends to throw our way? Any criticism moms receive—particularly moms who maintain a wellness and health approach to cannabis usage—represent a double standard. It’s long past time we have just one standard. If you approve a glass of wine at night, marijuana should receive the attitude. Give moms that break. They could sure use it.


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