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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Men Make On Dating Apps

In 2022, there were 57.44 million online dating service users in the United States.

Almost 30% of the dating pool dabble or go full on for the dating apps.  There are niches for everyone, Anbe, Glamdating, Pupspace and more.  They are supposed to make dating easier, but sometimes things don’t work out. For some, online conversations are just as hard as face to face ones. It is also harder to read clues from the other person.  To help, here are the 4 biggest mistakes men make on dating apps.

Pick Up Lines

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Unless you look like Brad Pitt, pick up lines almost never work. They’re lame at best and usually always cringe-worthy. Also, you don’t want to start off a virtual conversation this way. There’s never a smooth way of saying “I’d hit you with a cheesy pickup line but your bio says you’re lactose intolerant,” because no one can pull that off. It’s best to be safe and just say “Hey,” you know, like a real human person.

Saying The Same Thing To Every Person

Dating apps are virtual and help in making you forget that there’s a real live person behind the profile photos. Try to do your research and read through the entire bio. If there’s nothing there you can use, then it’s best to tread carefully and start a conversation as genuinely as possible.

Bringing Up Sex Every Five Minutes

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If you’ve matched with someone online, avoid discussing sex during the first conversation. While a lot of people use Tinder and other dating apps for hooking up, first you must meet the person and you’ll never do that if you start requesting nudes from the get go.


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Dating apps are the perfect place for lying. On them, you can pretend that you’re much taller, successful, and good looking that you already are. While you may trick someone into believing that you’re more good looking in pictures, it’s pretty tough to pretend that you’re into a bunch of things that you’re not really into. Trust us, lying will bite you in the ass sooner or later, so it’s best to just be honest.


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