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The 5 Best Candles For Cannabis Smokers

Candles can smell like anything you want, but they will always brighten your mood after lighting, and perhaps serve a second function of discreetly muting your cannabis cloud.

For many, cannabis use is a ritual in and of itself. It’s often one of relaxation, enjoyment, and the celebration of the senses. Creating an environment to enhance this experience is one that many partakers deploy. This varies from person to person, and for some involves incense, a special rolling tray, or maybe a particular corner of the flat.

One simple way to immediately elevate your surroundings, with usually only limited investment, is a nice candle. They can smell like anything you want, but they will always brighten your mood after lighting, and perhaps serve a second function of discreetly muting your cannabis cloud.

Photo by Tobias Tullius via Unsplash

Candles represent so many things to so many people, but having one flickering in the foreground while you do almost anything instantly feels softer, and more chill.

Here are the best candles for cannabis smokers.

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Herb essentls

Cannabis scented (and infused) candles like this one from Herb Essntls ($65) lasts for 60 hours and incorporates fine fragrance principles into its heady blend. Catch patchouli and amber in that mix, and burn while you burn for a unique sensory experience. This brand also makes a cannabis infused skincare line with this signature scent blend.

Brooklyn Candle Studio x Shaw.Bk

If you want to infuse your home with the scents of a California rainforest, this is your jam. Shaw Shop and Brooklyn Candle Studio teamed up to bring you Fern + Moss, ($45) a soy wax candle made with essential oils and cotton wicks. Limited release candles are fun because they create powerful scent memories that will be piqued later, but never quite in the same formation.

Chiquita Brujita

Sometimes you need a little more spiritual power. Try Chiquita Brujita’s 5 Day Prayer Candle to shed the unnecessary ($10) and get a little witchy with your ritual. Tall prayer candles are meant to be burned with intention, so don’t buy just for looks.

The Four Seasons Downtown NYC

As luxury and big business boom into the cannabis world, four star hotels are going to be seeing, er, smelling, a lot more important business people who love cannabis. All it takes is one sniff of the Fall In Love candle, created to mimic the foyer scent of the Four Seasons in Downtown Manhattan, and you’re transported back to your travels.

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Nicole Rose Studio

Sensuous Palo Santo in candle form makes your home and your smoke sesh feel that much more in sync. Celebrate the end of the workweek with this 15 oz wax candle ($25) and sniff your way into the weekend.

Candles can be a few bones or a pretty penny, but they make meaningful additions to your home and your cannabis routine. You can make your house smell like dozens of appealing and exciting things, and many candles can also do the job of lightly fragranced the air for a year or more without being lit. They serve the purpose of decor, mood improvement, odor masking, and even light in an emergency if need be, and if you’re careful.


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