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6 Subscription Boxes That We Love More Than Anything

Is there a better feeling than the one you get when a package you’ve been waiting for gets delivered to your front door? Why would you ever go shopping and wait in line if you can have all your favorite stuff delivered straight to you? This question has been raised a lot lately, considering that the internet gives you access to everything, even stuff you didn’t know existed, and delivers them promptly to your door.

Subscription boxes are the answer to internet shopping aficionados, gifting you with a box filled with stuff that caters exactly to your interests. There are all types of subscription boxes out there, so we leave you with 6 that peaked our attention and that will probably peak yours.



If you enjoy partaking with the herb, AuBox is the subscription box you’ve been waiting for, offering marijuana related products that can come in the shape of snacks or even pet accessories. This newly assembled company will provide you with different types of luxury items that include Marijuana in different forms, exploring all the amazing properties that the herb offers.

The items in the boxes vary each month, even if you keep reordering a box with the same theme. AuBox has different boxes that range from edibles (cookies, popcorn, chocolates), to intimates (lotions, bath bombs, candles), to so much more. The product is currently only available in California, which we’re sure we’ll change soon. 


Umba provides you with a monthly subscription box of handcrafted items, shining a spotlight on talented international and american artists that have found trouble distributing their work.

Each monthly box includes two to three handmade objects, that could range from jewelry to bath products, including a story about the artist behind the product. If you’re not ready to commit to a month to month subscription, you can buy their grab bags which are a one time purchase.

Craft Coffee


Each box contains three brews of coffee, which are chosen by the experts behind Craft Coffee according to their properties and general deliciousness.

When you’re creating your profile on the website, you’ll have the option of selecting the type of coffee you prefer, so you’ll receive no unpleasant surprises when your Craft Coffee box arrives at your doorstep. Each box comes with brewing tips and tasting notes, so you have the best experience coffee can offer.


As its name suggests, this box includes dog stuff for you and your pet. By picking your dog’s size on the website, you can treat him to all types of clothing items, snacks and toys that will make all the other members of the dog park jealous.

Each month, BarkBox comes up with a new theme that will be included in their boxes, which will always have 2 toys, 2 bags of all natural treats and a chew. The proceeds from your purchase go to animal shelters and clinics. What’s not to love?


Bows just make everything better. ESPECIALLY DILDOS.

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This subscription box is delivered every 3 months, with different items, all looking to provide the very best sexual experience for women and couples. Unbound is discreet and tries to help you and your partner out when you’re looking for sexual toys on the internet or in real life, guiding you through this intimate and sometimes overwhelming field.

When there’s so much variety of stuff, with varying degrees of quality, Unbound becomes a bridge, trying to provide items of quality that are a good fit for you. The company also donates their proceeds to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness. What are you waiting for? It’s for a good cause.

Loot Crate

This subscription box is a nerd’s wet dream, including all types of superhero/alien/sci-fi/gaming related stuff. Loot Crate offers different types of boxes that tend to your specific nerdy needs, ranging from gaming themed items to nerdy clothing artifacts. Each month has a new theme, where you can sign up for a subscription that lasts several months, or do a one time purchase. Choose wisely.



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