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This Is When You Should Take Down Your Holiday Decorations

For some, being in the Christmas spirit is a year-round event. If they’re not putting up decorations or listening to holiday tunes, they’re likely wondering how early they can put up a Christmas tree without anyone questioning their sanity. (The Saturday following Thanksgiving is the best time to drag the ornaments out of storage, according to Best Life). It’s why a flurry of holiday decor goes up right around Halloween. And every year we can be heard saying, “Is it just me, or does Christmas arrive earlier every year?” It’s true that some people would start drinking eggnog and wearing festive sweaters in July if it wasn’t so gauche.

But all good things must come to an end, and that goes for holiday decorations.

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Deemer Cass, a Christmas decorations expert, tells Best Life that it was once considered bad luck to leave decorations up past the twelfth night after Christmas because it was believed that “tree-spirits” lived in the garland. “They had to be released…as soon as Christmas was over,” or humans would face their wrath, she explained.

But there are other, more realistic reasons for taking down your decorations before summer arrives. According to home organization expert Marty Basher, dismantling your home holiday decor before the New Year “gives you the opportunity to start the year off fresh, uncluttered, and focused on what’s ahead.” Basher tells Best Life that many subscribe to the belief that “taking your Christmas tree down before New Year’s Eve will ensure you don’t carry your back luck into the new year.”

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But even if you wanted to keep your tree up year-round to attract the same luck you had in 2018, that’s just not going to happen, because as much as you may like the idea of curling up under the twinkling lights of your Douglas Fir and watching DVR’d episodes of the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas marathon on Memorial Day weekend, the tree has other plans by design. Says Cass, “Real Christmas trees are not eternal, so their needles drop and they lose their glamour…by the end of January,” she explains.

And while Christmas may end in your home by late January, you can bet the decor will make its way into stores while we’re all still drinking rosé out on the patio.

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