Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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This Professional Golfer Just Came Out As Marijuana User

The PGA Tour recently announced it would be updating its drug policy for golfers starting with its new season. While players previously had to submit urine tests, their blood will now also be tested for human-growth hormone as well as banned substances. The program closely resembles how Olympic athletes are tested.

In addition, results and suspensions will now be publicly announced and will remove speculation if certain golfers really had a back injury or were bounced for a failed drug test.

While some may think golfers who use cannabis would be against these new procedures, the opposite is true. One undercover tour pro anonymously came out in Golf Digest, admitting he used cannabis on the regular.

“Among PGA Tour players, no one cares about recreational drugs,” the anonymous pro wrote, because “You can delude yourself into thinking a little ‘swing oil’ or ‘green wax’ helps, but in any money game, your opponent would love to see you imbibe.”

The player also admitted to being high at a previous tour event:

“Have I ever been high in a PGA Tour event? Sure. Haven’t done it often, but if I’m teeing off Sunday near last place with no way to move up the leader board meaningfully, I’ll treat myself to making the day a little more fun, or at least different. I’ve smoked beforehand with the other players in my group, too.”

Though the anonymous player was caught once for using, amounting to “a slap on the wrist,” he doesn’t believe the new program will cause him any worry.

Via Golf Digest:

“Clearly, there’s a cultural shift happening with weed as legalization spreads, and the more lenient threshold on our tour is a small part. I’m not looking forward to having my blood drawn, but if it catches a few guys trying to get stronger and longer by real cheating, here’s my arm.”

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