Thursday, April 18, 2024

This Woman Lives Rent Free In Perfect Homes Thanks To Pet Sitting

Jena Chambers makes a living out of traveling the country and taking care of pets and homes without charging a fee. “I only like coasts,” she says in an interview with the New York Post, explaining that she only takes jobs located in coastal homes.

Chambers has experienced a life of living in gorgeous and practically unaffordable homes by pet sitting cats, dogs, and even hermit crabs. “For three summers, I stayed at a house and took care of a rose garden, and it was like living in the garden of Eden,” she told the NY Post.

Pet sitting has allowed her to travel the country and develop her own business. Chambers created Pandora’s Pops, a company that sells aphrodisiac lollipops infused with minerals, which have become her main source of income. She also has an apartment in the East Village, which she sublets when she’s away on a job.

When asked why she doesn’t charge people for pet or house sitting, she explains that it wouldn’t feel right for her. “I would feel like I was on the staff of some of these people.”

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Chambers is originally from Manhattan, where she’s pet and house sitted throughout the different boroughs. “It’s like playing tourist in your own town.”

Despite the fact that pet and house sitting sounds like a relaxing and stress free job, Chambers explains that it does come with a set of responsibilities that can get intense since you’re involved directly in people’s lives. She’s had to deal with pets that have gotten injured and even a wildfire that came close to the home she was taking care of in Northern California.

Before becoming a full-time pet and house sitter, Chambers used to work for a private equity firm. So, if you love to travel and take care of pets, just know that it’s not too late to find your dream job.


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