Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Twitter Will Now Publicly Shame Users Until They Take Down Offensive Tweets

Twitter is one of the social media websites that receives the most complaints in terms of trolls and harassment. Since it’s so easy to interact with others through the site, especially public figures who have their profiles set to public, many users claim that it doesn’t do its best when it comes to banning people and preventing them from continuing to harass others.

OnWednesday, Twitter announced that they would take measures against users who post tweets that don’t follow the website’s rules and regulations. Now, when a tweet has been reported, a grey box will appear in place of the original tweet reading “This tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.” This will then link the offender to the sites’ rules and regulations page.

This message will show up in the tweeter’s profile and it’ll also be public, remaining on the site for 14 days even after the user deletes the tweet. This feature is Twitter’s first attempt at giving offenders some measure of consequences. Twitter said that this feature will roll out on the app and website in the coming weeks.

While Twitter has always forced users to delete offensive content, this is the first time that the site will make this public for other members of the community, embarrassing those who harass others. Twitter fights will always exist but at least this measure will ensure that users who value the platform think twice before they tweet.


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