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Want To Have Sex With Your Ex? Here’s 4 Reasons Why

If you were to tell your friend that you’re thinking of sleeping with your ex, they’d probably slap you across the face and tell you to snap out of it. It seems like a really awful idea. Yet this is something that happens a lot. The issue can provide closure for some people, or for others it can prolong a string of ongoing relationship problems. In most cases, sleeping with your ex causes embarrassment, confusion, and big big emotional wreck. suggests that this phenomenon happens because of several reasons, be that because you’re feeling lonely, or because you want to have sex with someone you’ve already slept with.

Check out these 4 reasons why you might be considering sleeping with your ex: 

You Want Closure

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This is very common for people who had a strange or uneven break up where they don’t know where they stand. Breakup sex can be very useful if you’re the type of person who can move on easily afterwards. For others, it’s the perfect recipe for a lot of confusion.

You Want A Gentler Breakup

This is the case for many long term relationships, where breakups take more than a single conversation or argument. It’s understandable to ease out of a relationship slowly than to simply disappear from someone’s life.

You’re Lonely

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Creating new relationships and putting yourself out there is hard, so it might be easier and less daunting to just sleep with your ex if you’re feeling lonely. Plus, you already trust this person and have slept with them.

You Think It’s Simple Because You’re No Longer In A Relationship With Them

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You feel like you already know the outcome of the encounter, so you just do it. This may end up causing a lot of heartache and complications or, if you’re a person who knows themselves very well, it can provide some closure.


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