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Watch the Wild Workout One Guy Does for a Rare Gym T-Shirt

At Salt Lake City’s Gym Jones, only clients who have completed a grueling and arbitrary workout designed by one of the gym’s trainers earn the right to a t-shirt bearing the facility’s name. That’s right: Only people willing to intensely workout for months are able to wear a Gym Jones t-shirt.

The excellently-named Bobby Maximus, who works as Gym Jones general manager and training director, detailed the process recently in an essay at Men’s Health. A Gym Jones T-shirt—the one many of us are wearing in the video above—is never bought,” he wrote. “It’s always earned.”

“The T-shirt has become a symbol of what our community means: Only though continuous, dedicated hard work do you ever reach a worthwhile goal—not just in fitness, but also in every other aspect of life,” he added.

Some people earn the shirt after just three or six months of high intensity workouts, while others spend years training without ever getting one, according to Maximus. “But eventually, when I see that the person has truly excelled, overcome, and built radical fitness, he gets his shirt,” he said.

So what does a test for “radical fitness” look like? Check out the video below and learn.

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