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What Is ‘Quaranteam’ And Is It Safe?

As the months pass and social distancing guidelines remain in effect, people are looking for ways to stay healthy and in touch.

Social distancing guidelines vary by state, but we’re all aware of the risks that the coronavirus outbreak poses. Although there are states in the U.S. with a small number of cases, social distancing guidelines will remain in some form of effect since the six-foot rule is a proven way of limiting the threat of coronavirus. The hard thing to come to terms with is that this might last for the remainder of the year…at least.

“Quaranteam” is when a group of friends or family members create their own social “bubble” that allows them to quarantine with people they trust. Essentially, these people form a new household with each other that includes in-person visits, meals and sometimes even moving in with each other. Social distancing rules still apply to them since all households involved remain isolated from others outside of their bubble, but this “qauaranteam” often assists with household expenses, chores and childcare.

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When it comes to this agreement it’s very important for all members of the bubble to trust each other and communicate openly. While having the ability to hug your friends and family members is amazing during these times, you’re also opening yourself up to certain risks. All members of the household must follow the same guidelines when it comes to their handling of food, how they choose to go on walks, and their visits to the grocery store and pharmacy.

How To 'Take Care' Of Yourself When Quarantined With Other People
Photo by Daria Shevtsova via Pexels

Before you make this decision, take the time to evaluate every member of the household; who’s at higher risk? who’s already been potentially exposed? Some families have the ability to work from home and stay indoors peacefully, while others need to make more trips outside or interact with others for their job. All of these factors increase your level of risk.

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Gideon Lichfield, editor of MIT Review, explains that before entering a bubble with friends, every member must isolate themselves for two weeks, starting quarantine from scratch, ensuring that no one is symptomatic.

Every case is different. Single people who’ve been diligent with social distancing guidelines are less risky than multi-member households or homes that include an essential worker. Treat this as a business transaction over a conversation with friends, especially since your health and theirs is on the line.


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