Tuesday, August 16, 2022

W!NK Is Set To Become The Avon Of Cannabis Beauty

As various sectors of the cannabis industry receive casual valuations of millions and billions over the next several years, people are scrambling to hit just the right entrepreneurial note. W!NK is a by and for women venture since its conception. Now they want to pass that torch to women who are hoping to profit from and spread CBD’s healing properties.

The W!NK women first launched a female designed and inspired microdose vape company. While the first steps were being taken, the brand was already dipping their toes into the cannabis infused market and started crafting all sorts of CBD and THC integrated products.

The company is currently in the process of launching their latest venture, SheW!NKS. Think of it operating like Avon or Mary Kay would, except for one important factor—all of the beauty products, creams and serums are infused with imported European hemp plants. This allows the company to guarantee its products will include 0.3 percent or less of THC while also creating high-quality CBD oils.

“W!NK is all about empowerment,” explained Stacy Verbiest, Founder and CEO of W!NK, in a press release. “I started this business in answer to a friend’s struggle with the effects of her cancer treatments and medications. Like so many others, she wanted a way to manage pain that wasn’t overbearing and was discreet. As women, we carry many loads, from work to home-life, sickness and social outlets. We deserve to execute as many (or as few) of these roles as we want, however we want.”

Women who decide to take on the endeavor are encouraged to sell at their own pace, full-time or once a month or whatever works for their schedules. They are provided training, wholesale prices and ongoing education on the medical benefits of CBD. As with any entrepreneurial undertaking, much of one’s rate of success rests on attitude and gumption along with genuine product knowledge.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming intelligent, independent and entrepreneurial team members to W!NK,” stated Verbiest. “The CBD market is expected to gross more than $3 billion within the next three years, and I believe we can all help each other prosper within this rapidly expanding industry.”

These female empowerment-bent businesswomen may be onto something big here. CBD is being used from vape pens to gummies to beauty products and everything in between. The demand is high and this could be a great opportunity for women with high-minded social circles and the wont for entrepreneurship.


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