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Here’s When You Can Buy Legal Cannabis In Massachusetts

When the people of Massachusetts voted to approve medical marijuana it was 2012, yet it wasn’t until almost three years later that they opened their first dispensary.

Jeff Sessions Rescindment Of The Cole Memo Is A Disaster For California Banking

Right as banks should have been becoming more confident, Jeff Sessions rescinded the Obama-era Cole memo.

Treasury Agency Befuddled By Jeff Sessions’ Latest Anti-Cannabis Move

When Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole memo, a policy that staved law enforcement from raiding compliant cannabis operations in legal states, he neglected to first alert the Treasury agency of the news.

Small Texas Town Will Be Home To The State’s First Marijuana Dispensary

The town is now home to the first Texas dispensary carrying low-THC, high-CBD cannabis for patients with seizure disorders.

Kansas Lawmaker: Black People Genetically Unable To Handle Marijuana

Kansas State Rep. Steve Alford (R)-Ulysses reasoning as to why cannabis should remain illegal is blowing our minds right now.

Coachella Will Be Rocking On 4/20 In A Legal Marijuana State This Year

This year, the mighty festival’s second weekend landing on 4/20, which is just a sad coincidence because there will be no cannabis allowed on festival grounds, despite California legalization.

Vermont Voted For Legal Marijuana Last Night, Despite Jeff Sessions

Vermont made history last night by becoming the first United States to legalize recreational cannabis use and cultivation for adults 21 and over by legislature rather than the traditional ballot method.

Essential Rules You Need To Know About Legal Marijuana In California

Before you go skipping down the sidewalk with a jay in hand, you probably should know the facts about California recreational marijuana.

Trouble Down South: Tetra Health Centers Closes 5 Florida Locations

Five Tetra Health Centers in the Tampa Bay area closed their doors, leaving only one location open for business.

Happy New Year California, Now Go Buy Some Cannabis!

On January 1, legal sales of recreational cannabis began in California. Thousands of people waited in line, many of them overnight, to be of the first to purchase legal weed through a dispensary.