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Mary Schumacher is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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Legal Weed Is Coming Fast To Massachusetts, But What About Cafes?

In 2016 Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational cannabis with some exciting add-ons, namely home bud delivery and cannabis social clubs or cafes. However, in March of this year, the Cannabis Control Commision changed all that.

India’s Innovation Is Booming In An Underground Cannabis-Centric Market

Among the top ten cities in the world consuming the most cannabis per capita per...

Quadron Cannatech Sells First High-Tech Mobile Extraction Module

TLC Botanicals in Langley, B.C. purchased Quadron Cannatech’s first mobile extraction module recently and the new machine is set to revolutionize how pen extractions are done.

This American Cafe Just Debuted CBD-Infused Ice Cream

Marijuana is simply part of our culture now, all the way to down-home, local sweets.

The 3 Stocks To Watch As Canada Legalizes Cannabis

Canada is on the brink of legalizing cannabis nationwide after the Canadian Senate recently voted 56-30 in favor of the move.

Vaping Is Up, Painkiller Use Is Down In Teens

The NIH released a survey that found that vaping e-cigarettes, THC cartridges and flavored vape juice is on the rise in teenagers, while the abuse of painkillers is down.

This New Type Of Marijuana Has 38.7% THC

Even hitting 30 percent THC in a dried flower product is difficult to do. There are plenty of breeders competing to grow the most potent buds who are likely drooling at the prospect right now.

How To Talk About Cannabis With The Elderly

Now may be the time to rehash the topic with someone in your life who could benefit greatly from the herb if they were to either pick it back up or pick it up for the first time.

The East Coast’s Largest Marijuana Dispensary Opens In NJ

Since Governor Phil Murphy took office, medical marijuana in the Garden State has expanded beautifully.

Mitch McConnell Is On Board With Descheduling Hemp

It is speculated that hemp’s ability to make paper, fiber, plastics and even fuel was a major reason for it being banned.