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Mary Schumacher is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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Could ‘Cannabis Compatibility’ Reshape Canada’s Dating Scene?

Have you ever had a relationship where one partner used medical marijuana or just loved to puff and the other partner not only wasn’t down, but couldn’t wrap their head around it?

Toronto Police: Stop Snitching On Your Weed Smoking Neighbors

With cannabis legalization in full force, they’ve actually developed a public service campaign to alert nosy neighbors that now is finally the time to stop calling 911.

Canadians Can Now Legally Use Marijuana In National Parks

What better way to celebrate the freedom of one of nature’s finest plants than to settle down on a grassy patch, pitch a tent, light a fire and then spark up a nice, legal jay?

Trudeau And Others Coming Out On Top With Canadian Cannabis Legalization

When Justin Trudeau was still on the campaign trail in 2015, part of his platform was a promise that his government would get to work “right away” on cannabis legalization and regulation.

Will Canada Change Drug Policies At Federal Workplaces?

With adult use cannabis just one day away in Canada, federal employers are left with some big questions. Namely, should they continue to screen their employees for drugs.

Study: Cannabis Use Affects Young Drivers Up To 5 Hours Afterwards

Cannabis had absolutely no effect on “simple driving related tasks,” but, before hopping behind the wheel, read on.

Meowijuana: The Kind Catnip Craze for Cats

It’s here. 100 percent organic, hand-trimmed catnip buds for our kitty cat friends.

Canadian Walmarts May Start Selling Cannabis Products

The Canadian faction of Walmart said Tuesday that it’s exploring cannabis based products on their shelves, but it’s not happening anytime soon.

Canadian Marijuana Workers Can Now Enter US Legally, Says Feds

Not two weeks earlier, there had been a contradictory statement by CBP that Canadians in cannabis would no longer be able to travel to the U.S..

Marijuana Edibles Sales To Reach $1.4 Billion In 2018

That number could prove to be just a fraction of its potential now that major consumer packaged goods companies are entering the industry.