Mary Schumacher

Mary Schumacher is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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Yay Fall: You Can Now Enjoy Pumpkin Spice With Your Cannabis

Depending on which camp you fall into, you either love pumpkin spice season or you hate it. The lattes, the donuts, the muffins, and now the weed.

How Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting Is Making Cannabis Safer

Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting - a.k.a. 3C - is a team of researchers, agriculturists and business professionals that focus on building cannabis empires.

Taking It To The Next Level: A Look Inside Extreme Cannabis

Extreme Cannabis is an investment fund launched by Chris Schnarr and partners under the umbrella group Extreme Venture Partners.

Jeff Sessions Would Like To See More MMJ Growers For Research

When Jeff Sessions testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 18, cannabis activists across the nation waited with bated breath.

Study: How Does Marijuana Effect Adolescent Brains?

A new study shows that dopamine production in adolescent mice is affected by the repeated use of THC. what does this mean?

Jeff Sessions Still Pressuring Congress To Change Marijuana Law

“This would give the attorney general a blank check to go after medical marijuana. Without it, he might try, but it would be really hard for him.”

5 States That Aim To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In 2018

The cannabis industry is thriving, with growth that translates into more tax revenue for legal states and more money going to small (and large) businesses.

Opioid Deaths Abound, But Kentucky Gov. Refuses To Legalize Marijuana

Kentucky pensions are in the tank, while the opioid epidemic is pounding the Appalachian state. Cannabis could help both situations, but nope.

Puerto Rico’s Cannabis Industry Appraises Damage Done By Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and with it, it’s medical marijuana program. How long will it take to get up and running again?

Where Will You Be Able To Smoke California’s Legal Cannabis?

Californians will soon be able to purchase legal cannabis, but it’s not clear where they’ll be able to smoke outside of their own private residences.