Mary Schumacher

Mary Schumacher is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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Are Tin Cans The Next Wave In Marijuana Packaging?

In Cotati, CA, an innovative dispensary has introduced new marijuana packaging that improves freshness and sustainability: Tin cans with peel back lids,

This New Medical Marijuana Act Would Give Hope To Millions Of Patients

This new Medical Marijuana Act would adjust federal law so that clinical investigations into the plant, its different forms can happen.

New Studies Splash Cold Water On Cannabis Efficacy

New reviews into pain management and PTSD were commissioned by the U.S. Department of Veteran...

Federal Laws Must Change For A Sustainable Future In Cannabis

In his campaign rhetoric, Donald Trump said flat out that marijuana should be a state-by-state issue and not controlled by federal laws.

Hawaii’s First Cannabis Dispensary Closes After One Week

Not even open a week, Hawaii’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Maui Grown Therapies, had to close its doors on Saturday.

Why Marijuana’s Popularity Continues To Soar In America

Marijuana's popularity made Gallup poll records in July, with adults clocking in more than ever as admitted cannabis users.

Jeff Sessions Remains Deeply Concerned About Legal Weed

Jeff Sessions just can’t get marijuana off his mind. One would think that with everything else going on he would have better things to do, but no.

Hawaii’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Finally Opens

Though the state of Hawaii legalized medical marijuana way back in 2000, they didn’t legalize the marijuana dispensaries until 2015.

Jeff Sessions Likely To Ignore His Own Task Force Regarding Marijuana

When Jeff Sessions first assembled his hand-picked Task Force on crime reduction it seemed he was readying for crackdown of epic proportions.

Task Force Report: Jeff Sessions Stands Alone In Marijuana War

Jeff Sessions' task force on crime reduction and public safety has found no issue with the may marijuana is currently being dealt with in the US.