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Mary Schumacher is a contributing writer at The Fresh Toast.

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The FBI Can’t Hire Hackers Because They All Use Marijuana

Being a tech whiz and smoking cannabis go hand-in-hand. Watch an episode of "Silicon Valley" if not convinced. Hence, this anti-pot administration is having trouble getting good hackers to even apply to the FBI.

5 Cannabis Products That Will Defeat Eczema In Time For Summer

According to The National Eczema Association, cannabis indeed has properties to combat the itchiness and...

The Essential THC Dosing Guide For Marijuana Beginners

Factors like tolerance, body mass, mindset and more all make a difference. Still, there is a continuity to cannabis for your average imbiber.

Why Organic Cannabis Is The Right Choice For You

Having toxins or chemicals looming in your cannabis means your lungs and organs are going to suffer because of it.

8 High-Dose Cannabis Edibles That Can Help

While microdosing gains popularity and cautionary tales circulate about overdoing it on edibles, sometimes a higher dosage is simply called for.

Cannabis And Coconut Oil: The Wellness Power Couple

Practically-perfect coconut oil is packed with its own set of goodness and goes with cannabis like two peas in a pod.

Old Marijuana Edibles: To Eat or Not To Eat?

When stumbling upon a delicious, yet old AF cannabis-infused treat, you need to ask yourself one question: Is this still okay to eat?

How Marijuana’s CBD Can Fix America’s Depression Problem

Depression can be a devastating condition, one that has a person laying in bed for months or longer and feeling as if they just aren’t what they should be, or on the other side of the spectrum,

Life Hacks: How To Salvage That Dried Out Marijuana

Dried out marijuana: it’s harsh, it burns fast and it no longer resembles the award-winning bud you remember picking up at the dispensary.

Cannabis Craft Beer Is Coming To Colorado

With its tantalizing hint of orange peel, further enhanced by the slice of orange from the bartender or refrigerator, Blue Moon really set itself apart in the beer market.